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Meet Shannon and Steve from New York


Getting Found By Birthmothers With Video Parent Profiles

Part two of our series on how to get found by birthmothers by video marketing your Parent Profile. You can ensure that your message to birthmothers can be found, even on the first page of Google. This post tells you how to set up your Google and YouTube accounts and upload your video.


How To Find Potential Birthmothers Through Video Marketing

Feeling a little lost in the crowd? You may not be aware but with video marketing of your Parent Profile you can ensure that your message to birthmothers can be found, even on the first page of Google.


How To Market Your Adoptive Parent Profile Online

Do you want to be found by potential birthmothers online? Learn how to market your adoptive parent profile in the right way and in the right places online to ensure it’s seen by potential birthmothers.

How to connect with a birth mother

How To Connect With Birth Mothers Using an Online Profile

Learn how to connect with birth mothers through your online profile. Understanding the “Whys’ behind her decision will help you craft the proper profile and also aid you in your communications and establishing a strong initial connection with the birth mother.

Gay Adoption: Top Ten Facts You Need to Know

Gay Adoption: Top Ten Facts You Need to Know

If you are a gay or lesbian couple or single considering adoption, we’ve gathered some research and resources on same-sex adoption and the issues you need to know.

couple choosing an adoption agency

9 Great Adoption Agencies In The Tri-State Area

In an attempt to continue to provide helpful and valuable information resources we have gathered together what we feel are 9 great adoption agencies in the tri-state area. Obviously adoption is a very personal decision and you are going to want to do your research and contact several agencies to see which agency is the best fit for your needs and personality. But if you live in the tri-state area this list is a great starting point.


Transracial Adoption: What You Need To Know

Transracial Adoptions are on the rise in the United States. Here we discuss the important questions and actions adoptive parents must consider when pursuing a transracial adoption

Adoption Home Study

4 Questions To Ask About Adoption Home Study

Most prospective adoptive parents don’t even realize that there is a home study assessment. Make sure that you are prepared for the adoption home study by having answers to the 4 important questions.

Parents choosing an adoption agency

7 Factors To Consider When Choosing An Adoption Agency

Choosing the right adoption agency is a big decision whether you are a birth mother looking to place a child for adoption or hopeful parents looking to make your dream of starting a family come true. But choosing the right adoption can be tricky. Before you choose an agency make sure you consider these seven important factors.


3 Ways To Find An Adoption Attorney

Adoption can be a complicated legal matter. So how do you find a reputable attorney? Here we share exactly where to look to find a qualified adoption attorney and the 7 import questions you must ask prior to hiring

Featured Hopeful Parents
Meet Shannon and Steve from New York

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