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How It Works

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, now you can browse qualified adoption-ready parents in a completely secure environment, anytime. To begin searching, please use the registration form on this page. You can also search without registering, but in order to save families to favorites, you must register.

Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Adoption

Do research. Understanding what adoption means legally, both for you and the father, is vital. Laws vary from state to state.

Get counseling before, during and after you place. Support from qualified counselors allows you make the best decision for you and your baby. Look for them at crisis pregnancy centers or your church. Or talk to someone who’s been there – a Reach Adoption birth mother. We also encourage you to continue to get support during and after the placement process.

Make an adoption plan first. As adoption advocates, we’ve found this to be a great tool as you think about your ideal family. It should include the degree of openness and attributes of the family you desire. Your plan can and will change as you move through the process.

Search For and Connect With Adoptive Parents

Search for adoptive parents anytime with our Parent Profiles Search Tool. Registering with us allows you to save families to your favorites.

Once ready, reach out and connect through the secure contact form or the phone number provided. We encourage you to connect with multiple families; it may take a few conversations before you find the right parent match.

Seek legal counsel. Once things become more serious—you can usually request adoptive parents cover your fees.


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