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Margaret & Doug

Location: Washington / Urban
Openness: Any
Margaret: 41-50 / Caucasian / Other
Doug: 51-60 / Caucasian / Jewish
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Hello!  Thank you for taking the time to visit our profile and learn more about us.

We are a happy family of three with lots of love who want to be a family of four! We love being parents. We look forward to welcoming our new child into our family.

We recognize that this is probably one of the hardest decisions you or your loved one have ever had to make. We know that this decision is being made out of love and compassion. We are open to having contact with you after the child joins our family. We will listen to you, respect you, and honor you as the family who gave this child life.

We always pictured ourselves as parents to at least two children, and when we realized that we would not have another biological child, we decided to expand our family through adoption. We are the parents of an amazing 10 year old boy who is caring and sensitive. Being his parents has been the joy of our lives. We have had fun learning who he is and discovering new things with him. We look to new adventures with another child.


We are Doug and Margaret.  We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we get the excitement of living in a city while being only a short drive to the mountains or the ocean.  We met in 1999 in a writing class.  Our first date was going to a music festival in Seattle and we have been together ever since.  We were married in September 2001.  As a couple, we have traveled to places like Thailand, spent the night in a snow cave we dug, and lived in a basement with our cats while the upstairs was remodeled. We now live in a spacious home with a large yard and a garden, a cat name Lula, and a fish named Steve.  Becoming parents has not stopped us from traveling – our son has come with us to Hawaii, New York, California, and even Iceland and Ireland, and we look forward to more travels and adventures with another child.  We look forward to things like experiencing Disneyland again for the “first” time with our second child and showing him or her the wonders of the world. Both of our kids will have his or her own passport with many stamps in it. When we are at home, we enjoy going to museums, seeing plays, and reading.  We enjoy hosting gatherings at our home – whether it’s a dinner party or a barbecue.  Our community includes families with children of all ages, and we are grateful that they support our choice to adopt a child.

Doug works by day as a software developer and a fiction writer by night (or whenever he has spare time). Margaret is a former theatre artist who now works part-time as a registered nurse so she can be stay at home mom.


Liam, our son, is a bright, caring, gentle, and sensitive boy. He loves animals. He does Aikido (has his BLUE belt), likes to build model rockets, and writes stories. He also likes to read (a lot) and talk about new facts he has learned. He cannot wait to be a big brother. He has asked for a sibling many times and has even given us a few ideas for names. :) Whenever he is around younger kids, he likes to read to them or teach them how to play new games. He is always very kind to his friends’ younger siblings. He looks forward to sharing the toys and books he has outgrown with a little brother or sister.. If you visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/dougandmargaretadopt) you can watch a video of him reading a story to our friend’s almost 1 year old boy.


Doug works by day as a software developer and a fiction writer by night (or whenever he has spare time).  I would describe him as very smart but also very kind and goofy.  He always makes time for the family.  He is very gentle and loving towards our son.  He will often spend hours with our son building a ship out of Lego or making stuff from scrap wood.  They are also working together on a sci-fi story.   Sometimes they will spend hours just talking. Doug is also an excellent cook and likes to bake.  One day I came home from work and saw him and our son eating a huge sugar cookie in the shape of a spider that they had made together. Doug enjoys spending time outside doing things like hiking, working on house projects or helping our son learn to ride his bike. It has been a joy to watch him blossom as a person while being a dad.  I am constantly in awe of his patience and enthusiasm for showing our son new things.  Doug is excited to welcome a new child into our home. He will continue to be an active parent with our second child.  One thing I know as his wife is that the parenting will be shared by both of us.  He will be sharing the times we wake up in the middle of the night to feed or change the baby.  As with our son, he will also be present at all parent-teacher conferences and play an active role in our child’s education.


Margaret is a great mom to our son. She works as a nurse and set up a flexible schedule to make sure she’s home when our son is dropped off the school bus and to have full days with him in the summer during school break. To encourage our son in his piano lessons, she’s taking her first piano lessons at the same time and they have even done a recital together. Before becoming a nurse, Margaret worked in theatre, and uses her theatrical training to great effect while reading to our son. She loves the outdoors, whether its working in our vegetable garden, riding her bike, walking, or just sitting on our deck reading a book. After we bring a second child home, Margaret is looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom just as she was with our son, to give our family the best loving care possible.


We live in a spacious 2 story house. Your child will have his or her own bedroom.  There is big back yard that is fenced in.  In the back we have a vegetable garden and a small pond.  It is very peaceful.  We feel like our house is a nice little oasis in the city. The back yard is large enough for kids to run around freely and to play games like bocce ball or croquet.

Inside our home, we have many pieces of art hanging or on display that represent our travels and gifts from family. You will also see many books and magazines. We like to read and our son has become an avid reader as well.  We also have many board games and puzzles for family activities.  During the day, our house lets in a lot of light which makes it feel warm and cheery.

The neighborhood is safe and quiet. There are lots of young families with children. We are very near a park (which we go to frequently) and a biking trail. Our neighborhood also has a variety of restaurants.   The elementary school for our attendance area has been recognized as a School of Distinction for its excellence in education.


Location: Washington
Neighborhood: Urban
Other Children: 1 boy

Adoption Wishes

Age: 0-1
Level of openness: Any
Special needs: Open to discussion. We are open to a healthy baby with mild medically correctable conditions.


Age: 41-50
Education: College Degree
Occupation: RN (part-time)/Stay at home mom
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Other
Hobbies: Yoga, Nia, Gardening, Hiking, Reading, Going to Theatre, Traveling, Spending time with my husband and son, Volunteering


Age: 51-60
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Software Developer
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Jewish
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Writing, Traveling, Spending time with my son, playing guitar


Contact number: 317-455-6917

Agency/Attorney contact: Janna Annest of MILLS MEYERS SWARTLING 206-812-7458

Adoption Profile Website: www.tumblr.com/blog/dougmargaretadopt

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/dougandmargaretadopt

Twitter: twitter.com/dougandmargaret

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