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Mike & Christine

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Location: New York / Suburban
Openness: Semi-open
Mike: 31-40 / Transracial / Catholic
Christine : 31-40 / Caucasian / Catholic
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Hi, We are Mike and Christine from NY. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We have been married for 8 years and have been together for 12 years. We are a hard working couple that lives in Long Island, NY. We live in a community that has easy access to family friendly places to visit and explore. We both grew up 5 minutes from where we now live and hope to make new memories in our home.  We are both educators and work with children on a daily basis. We come from a large diverse family that mean so much to us.

Even though this is a difficult decision for you to make we want you to know that your well being and happiness is important to us. We admire your strength and selflessness of even considering adoption for your child. We don’t even know each other but we having something in common already, we want the best for your child. You may be scared or confused with so many things to think about and decide and we hope that by reading about ourselves our life and family that the decision you will make will someday make your heart smile. Life might always go as planned but it is important to know you have the chance to write your own stories beginning and end. The hardest things in life don’t always come easy, but they seem to be the lessons that we learn and grow from the most.   We believe in fate and that when the time is right, you will know in your heart that you made the best decision for yourself and your unborn child.


Location: New York
Neighborhood: Suburban
Other Children: No

Adoption Wishes

Age: 0-1
Level of openness: Semi-open
Special needs:


Age: 31-40
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Teacher's Assistant/Coach
Ethnic background: Transracial
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Football, coaching football, playing poker, fishing, bowling


Age: 31-40
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Community Educator
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Baking, cooking, bowling, shopping, painting, crafts


Contact number: 800-536-7592

Agency/Attorney contact: Jeanine Castagna 516-495-7906

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