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Mike & Joanna

Location: New York / Suburban
Openness: Any
Mike: 31-40 / Caucasian / Christian
Joanna: 31-40 / Caucasian / Christian
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Our hearts reach out to you, and we are hoping to help you through this adoption journey.  We realize that this is an important and difficult decision, and we want you to feel comfortable knowing that your child will be raised in a home with lots of love, laughter, and happiness.

In July 2012, we adopted our beautiful daughter.  It was an amazing experience.  Although we are happy and feel blessed to have each other and our daughter, we are so excited about welcoming another baby into our home to make our family complete.

We promise to give your child a wonderful life filled with unconditional love, security, and opportunity.  Mike and I would very much like to be a part of what the future holds for your baby by being devoted and loving adoptive parents who will be there to encourage this child all throughout his or her life.

Our Story:

We met on a summer night at an amusement park. We were introduced by a friend of Mike’s who was dating Joanna’s sister at the time. It did not take us long to become teenage sweethearts. We have been happily married for 18 years and we have known each other for over 20 years. We can truly say we have seen each other grow into who we are today.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to have children. After years of trying to have a baby and the heart ache of miscarriages, our doctor told us we would not be able to conceive. We believe that God has a plan for each and every one of us. We knew that adoption was the way we wanted to build the family we had always dreamed of.

We were lucky enough to have had the chance to get to know our daughter’s birthmother before her birth. We keep in contact by email and share photos as she grows. Your baby will always know the love that you have for him or her and that you gave them the greatest gift of love and a chance to have a great life. We are committed to being the best parents we can be. We would love to hear your wishes for an adoption plan. Whatever that may be, we will respect your wishes.

Call us any time! We would love to hear from you. We are comfortable answering any questions you may have. We hope our profile allows you to imagine your baby safe in our care, and we also hope to make your decision a little easier knowing that we are here to support you in anyway possible. We both have siblings and are very close to our loving and supportive families. Our whole family is waiting to welcome your baby with open arms. Thank you for considering us in your search to find a loving and happy home for your baby.

We can be reached by calling toll-free 1-888-902-0062.
Visit our Facebook page at

With faith, hope, and love,
Mike & Joanna


Location: New York
Neighborhood: Suburban
Other Children: One blessing through adoption. Isabella is 2 years old and ready to be a big sister!

Adoption Wishes

Age: 0-1
Level of openness: Any
Special needs:


Age: 31-40
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Sports, playing and composing music (electric & classical guitar), gaming, reading, traveling, exercise, making memories with our daughter, family, and friends.


Age: 31-40
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Stay-at-home Mommy
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Baking, gardening, reading, traveling, crafts, exercise, making memories with our daughter, family, and friends.


Contact number: 888-902-0062

Agency/Attorney contact: Jeanine Castagna 800-379-0650

Adoption Profile Website: mikejoannaadopt.wix.com/mikejoannaadopt

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/MikeJoannaAdopt

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