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Stephani & Dino

Location: New York / Suburban
Openness: Any
Stephani : 41-50 / Caucasian / Spiritual
Dino: 41-50 / Other / Spiritual
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Hello!  We are Dino and Stephani.  Thank you very much for considering us, and we look forward to an opportunity to know more about you. To share a little bit about us, we both hold strongly to the credo that love, and the joy it creates, is the most powerful force in the universe.  A child that knows he/she is loved can set out into the world with a great capacity for joy, without fear.  Our families have provided us with this sort of love and support, and we wish nothing more than to pass this on to your child so that we can share the joy of life we’ve been so blessed to experience.

We can only imagine what you must be going through and how difficult this decision must be, and we are humbled by the courage such a decision must entail – and grateful you are considering us in this moment.  Should you choose to select us, we vow to you this: we will love your child with every fiber of our beings.  Our priority in life will be to see to it  that he/she is raised in an environment that supports and encourages his/her desires and dreams; that he/she is raised to feel loved, proud and self-confident, and to instill in him/her kindness, tolerance and respect for others.  We vow  to help him/her develop a wonder and fascination with the world, the support to help him/her envision his/her own dreams, and the courage to realize them.  We will help him/her to recognize the voice of his/her own heart, and help him/her to listen to it. And most importantly, we vow to laugh with him/her.  Joy and laughter are the greatest teachers in life!

We were both were raised with these values, and should you choose us, your child will be surrounded by a family that fully embraces  the same.

Dino was born and raised in South Italy and has been living in New York for nearly 20 years.  Stephani was born in Atlanta, GA (where the majority of her family reside), raised in Miami, FL, spent two years in Rome, Italy after college graduation, and has been living in New York for nearly 13 years.  We are convinced our meeting was fated and we have been together nearly four years now, and just celebrated our first year of marriage.  We have a wonderful and loving marriage and are surrounded by dear friends and family who fully encourage and embrace our decision to adopt.  We live a full and rich life here in suburban New York, while we spend one month of every summer in our small home in Italy, where all of Dino’s family reside.  With us, your child’s life will be filled with much love, joy, learning and travel -  and with lots of cousins!  And your child will always know how much he/she is loved – by us and you!

Please contact us at anytime.  We would love to talk to you and do hope you’re interested in learning more about us. We’d also like to know about your hopes and dreams for your child. You may call us toll free at (888) 598-5755, or you may email us at [email protected]  If you’d like to speak with our attorney, Jeanine Castagna, you may reach her at (516) 495-7906.  We are open and want you to feel comfortable enough to contact us with any questions you may have.  We understand this is a tremendous decision you are now facing, and will do anything we can to ease your heart.


Stephani and Dino


Location: New York
Neighborhood: Suburban
Other Children: None

Adoption Wishes

Age: 0-1
Level of openness: Any
Special needs: Open to discussion


Age: 41-50
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Case Manager
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling and learning new languages. I love to dance, boating in the summer and writing in my quiet times.


Age: 41-50
Education: High School Degree
Occupation: Hospitality Professional
Ethnic background: Other
Religion: Spiritual
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, dancing and I am an avid soccer fan. I enjoy crossword puzzles in my quiet times.


Contact number: 888-598-5755

Agency/Attorney contact: Jeanine Castagna, Esq. 516-495-7906

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