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Featured Hopeful Parents
Meet Shannon and Steve from New York


How to Put Your Child Up For Adoption

On the off chance that you have started to examine the way toward putting a youngster up for adoption, you may feel overpowered by the measure of information accessible. Fortunately, you are not the only one, and with a little direction, you can settle on the choice that is best for you and your baby.


Birthmother Interacting with the Adoptive Family After Adoption

As a birthmother you’ve just placed your child with a new adoptive family. What Now? Now one every talks on how to manage the ongoing open adoption process. Learn how best to interact with the new family for the best results for the child

6 questions to ask when picking an adoption agency

7 Questions To Ask When Picking An Adoption Agency

So then how do you know which adoption agency attorney is best for you and how do you pick one? The good news is that it’s never been easier. So much information is online that finding the right adoption is not the daunting task it used to be as long as you know these 6 important questions to ask before making your final selection.


Only Love – Not Every Child Who is Adopted is Unwanted by Kaedra Blue

When I was eighteen years old, I got pregnant. The first time I had sex. I wasn’t planning on having sex. I was planning on having dinner with a guy who said he wanted to have dinner. I found myself in a situation I didn’t really know how to get myself out of. I was naive. I guess I thought that if I just gave in, got it over with, I could go home and forget the whole thing.

Open Adoption Birthmom Love Leah Outten

Branches of Motherhood and Adoption: A Birthmother’s Experience

Some might say that the day I signed away my rights to my first daughter that tearful day in the hospital at 16 years old, I also signed away the title “Mom.” And in a sense, that is true…
The first in a series of real stories from birthmothers.

Important Resources for Potential Birthmothers

Helpful Information for Birth Mothers

From what to read first to counseling, definitions of adoption to agencies, this article contains all the resources you need when considering placing your child for adoption.

I Want To Give My Baby Up For Adoption

I Want To “Give My Baby Up” For Adoption

Admitting to yourself ” I Want To Give My Baby Up For Adoption” is never an easy thing. Many women feel terribly guilty about this decision. Don’t! Find out why you should not feel guilty about this noble and responsible choice.


Teen Pregnancy and Adoption

You face many difficult decisions as a teen mother. The biggest being should you keep the child. If you are not ready to have the baby but don’t feel right about ending the pregnancy, adoption is a loving andpositive alternative. Learn more on how this crucial decision can provide life to your unborn child and to joy hopeful parents longing to have children of their own

Cute Baby in Flowers

What Is An Open Adoption

Whether your an expectant mother or an adoptive family you are going to have decide what amount of interaction you’ll have after the birth of the child. Learn more about Open Adoption and the positive role in cam play in the development of the child

Placing a baby for adoption

Placing a Baby for Adoption 8 Steps Every Birth Mother Must Know

As soon as you realize you are pregnant and not sure if you are ready to be a mom, it’s time to consider Placing a Baby for Adoption instead of abortion. This is a decision many women chose to make. Every year roughly 40,000 infants are placed for adoption.  If you decide like thousands of MORE

4 Things Birthmoms Want Adoptive Parents to Know

Don’t make promises regarding contact during pregnancy (or anytime for that matter) that you are not certain you can keep. When you make promises and don’t keep them, it then causes us to question everything you promised us about how you’d raise our child. Please know that when we call our child “our child” on MORE

Featured Hopeful Parents
Meet Shannon and Steve from New York

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