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Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

The Reach Adoption service may collect information when you: (a) place an order via the Reach Adoption service; (b) send email messages or other information to us.


Like many other websites, Reach Adoption uses a standard technology called “cookies.” Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your hard drive and not on our site. They can help make your Internet experience quicker and more convenient. They help us understand how customers use our service, which allows us to improve and tailor the service.

Disclosure of Information

We do not sell, rent, or loan your information to third parties without your permission. We do not sell your email address or other information to mass marketers. Reach Adoption may contact you with special offers or requests to provide feedback on products you have bought on the Reach Adoption network.

Ecommerce Security Standards

Reach Adoption uses industry-standard, and PCI compliant, PayPal security to ensure that clients can transact with confidence.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our privacy policy, contact us at . We reserve the right to modify this policy in the future.

Reach Adoption is not an agency, intermediary or facilitator. Each waiting family has agreed to the Terms of Use.