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Location: New York / Suburban
Openness: Semi-open
Maureen: 41-50 / Caucasian / Catholic
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Hi, I’m Maureen. Thank you for taking the time to read my information and consider me in your adoption plan. I think what you’re doing is very courageous.

Rest assured that your child will be welcomed into a loving environment with a great family rich in heritage and tradition.

Thank you for stopping and reading about me and my plans. And thank you for letting me share my history with you, as well as my desire to become a parent. I come from a large Irish family, and we are all very close.

Growing up with two close friends who had been adopted affected me deeply. I always wanted to adopt a child, or two, because I do feel it is rewarding for the child, the birth mother and the adoptive parent.  So here I am, in the process now,  trusting it to lead me to parenthood.

I have a very supportive family, as well as a great network of friends, some of them in varying stages of adoption, and we support each other as best we can.

There are several areas here on this site where you can find out more about my path to adoption, my family, my hobbies and interest, etc. Let’s talk and make our own adoption plan together so that you can know, in your heart, that I am the right one for you.  Email me at . I would love to answer any questions you may have and get to know each other a little.

Thank you.



Location: New York
Neighborhood: Suburban
Other Children:

Adoption Wishes

Age: 0-1
Level of openness: Semi-open
Special needs:


Age: 41-50
Education: College Degree
Occupation: Marketing/Writer, artist
Ethnic background: Caucasian
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: Water sports, writing, painting


Contact number: 516-697-5973

Agency/Attorney contact: Jeanine Castagna 800-379-0650

Adoption Profile Website: maureensdream.m.webs.com

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